Commissions Gallery

Welcome to our Commissions Gallery! Here are just a few of the awesome knits we've been commissioned to make...

Knitted Food - This commission was for a nursery school; twenty one different pieces of food ranging from fish to fruit to a loaf of bread! It was so much fun to design, especially as most of it had to be designed on the hoof :) My favourite pieces were the banana and the strawberry - they look almost good enough to eat...

Anchor iPad Sock - This nautical motif is simple but so striking, and pretty easy as intarsia patterns go! I designed it on my trusty squared notepad, and the aqua colour makes an apt contrast :)

Cupcake BagA special request for a lady who loves cupcakes even more than I do, if it's possible... The bottom half of the body is knitted in seed stitch for shape and integrity, and the whole bag is knitted with three strands of wool together. By doing this you can get a lot more texture than a flat colour, and it also helps with the stiffness of the knit. Flipping hard work on your fingers though!

Dino Scarf - This scarf was knitted for a dino-loving little boy, and another opportunity for me to get the old squared notebook out! A slightly more complex intarsia design to draw up, but really satisfying to see it come to life. By twisting the yarns at the back you can make the reverse neat enough not to need covering up, which is useful for scarves!

Reindeer Jumper - My first ever intarsia design, and my first ever complete jumper! I knitted this for my boyfriend as a joke Christmas present, and it became a bit of a legend... I'm working on a snowman one next :)

Rosy Tea Cosy - This commission was for a lady called Rose (unsurprisingly) and originally the customer had asked for her name to be knitted into it. Unfortunately the kind of stitches needed for the insulating properties of cosies are no good for intarsia, as you don't really get any definition, so I suggested making an actual rose for the top instead. Luckily, it turned out just right!

Seaside Cushion Cover - I was asked to make a cushion cover with a seaside scene as a present for a young lady, and ended up having loads of fun designing the image! Again I made use of squared paper to place everything properly, and get the right perspective (attempt no.1 had seashells that were half the size of the boat... hmm...). You can't see it here but the back has a good old fashioned button fastening.

Skull & Crossbones Long Leg Socks - This commission came to me from a lady whose friend didn't believe you could get such a thing as goth-friendly yoga socks :) I've used the skull and crossbones a few times since originally designing some for an iPod sock and they always look great against a dark background. Totally making myself a pair of these for winter.

Ukulele Case - Coolest. Commission. Evah. This practical case is knitted wih double strand yarn and seed stitch for integrity, and made of two shaped face pieces connected by an edge strip with a button flap. Relatively easy bit of increase/decrease shaping, but quite hard to get the exact dimensions right. I'm so pleased with it though, and yet to see anything like it anywhere else :) 

Blue Cotton Crochet Blanket - One of the hardest things I have ever made, and a rarity for me being crocheted as opposed to knitted. I learnt a lot about judging making time on this commission, and being cotton the stitching is even finer and more intricate than yarn. This one was one of a pair. They came out so beautifully though, I'm really proud of them and they'll last for ages.




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